Friday, September 13, 2024
11:00 AM | Bites and Bellinis | Registration Open
12:00 PM | Luncheon Begins
Hilton Anatole Hotel | Imperial Ballroom


Forefront Living Foundation is pleased to announce Katie Townend Doherty and Katherine Wyker as the 2024 Co-Chairs for the 15th Annual Each Moment Matters Luncheon on Friday, September 13, 2024 in the Imperial Room at the Hilton Anatole Hotel.

Katie Townend Doherty has a long family history with Forefront Living, as the entire Doherty family has a deep commitment to compassionate and dignified end-of-life care. In fact, her husband, Neal Doherty, and mother-in-law, Alison Doherty, co-chaired the luncheon in 2020. When asked what Forefront Living’s mission “To Make Each Moment Matter for Those We Serve” means to her, Katie shared, “This serves as a great reminder that we all need to slow down and connect with the people we love because you never know when it will be someone’s last moment on this beautiful earth. We need to celebrate when we can.”

In addition to her passion for hospice care, Katie is actively involved in education and the betterment of our community. She is currently the Admission Division Director for Upper School at The Hockaday School in Dallas. This June, Katie will transition to Director of Advancement at The Compass School of Texas in Dallas. Additionally, she serves on the board of directors for The Concilio, a local non-profit organization dedicated to building stronger communities by unlocking opportunities for Latinos in Dallas and she volunteers with the Grant Halliburton Foundation. Katie and Neal are the proud parents of three children, Perry Kate (age 11), Vivienne (age 8) and Callan (age 2).

Katherine Wyker, an esteemed philanthropic leader in the Dallas/Fort Worth community, hails from a multi-generational family, renowned for their charitable endeavors in our community. Katherine credits her mother and grandmother for instilling a generous spirit in her. From a young age, she was taught that no matter what we are given – time, talent or treasure – we are expected to use it for the benefit of others. Inspired by this, Katherine is an active volunteer, supporting causes like Crystal Charity Ball, Equest, Highland Park Presbyterian Church and the Day School. Her passion lies in serving vulnerable populations, especially children, the elderly, homeless individuals, dogs and horses and the special needs community.

Katherine and her husband, Austin Wyker, are proud parents to their son, Jackson (age 2). When asked why she accepted the co-chair position for the Each Moment Matters Luncheon, she shared that she looks forward to lending her voice to amplify the incredible care FPH provides to the patients and families they serve. Katherine says, “I look forward to educating those who are unfamiliar with the FPH mission and sharing with them that the transition from hospice can, and should, be a time for love and celebration of our loved ones.”

Returning as 2024 Each Moment Matters Luncheon Honorary Chairs are Christie Carter, Junior Villanueva and Beth and Dan Plumlee. After co-chairing the 2021 virtual Each Moment Matters Luncheon, this dynamic team is back to support this important cause once again. They have each personally witnessed FPH transform the end-of-life experience and have been deeply touched by the mission to make each moment matter for those we serve.

Forefront Living Foundation is honored to partner with these talented community leaders and looks forward to another memorable and successful luncheon.

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Forefront Living Foundation is pleased to announce Christy Cashman as the keynote speaker for the 2024 Each Moment Matters Luncheon. Christy is an author and mother with a diverse background in film, encompassing producing, acting and screenplay writing—a journey that inspired her debut novel.
Her debut novel, “The Truth About Horses,” released in August 2023, has garnered heartfelt acclaim from readers, literary circles, and the equestrian community alike. Its poignant exploration of themes such as loss, grief, family dynamics and hope resonates deeply with audiences.

Notably, Jane Seymour has joined forces with Christy Cashman to co-produce the screen adaptation of “The Truth About Horses.” Additionally, Christy has authored two children’s books: “The Not-So-Average Monkey of Kilkea Castle” and “Petri’s Next Things,” both inspired by the true story of a heroic monkey who resided in that historic Irish castle.

As the second youngest of ten children, Christy’s upbringing in North Carolina sparked her lifelong passion for horses. When not immersed in writing or leading retreats, she can be found riding horses throughout New England and Ireland. In 2018, Christy and her husband, Jay, purchased Kilkea Castle, Ireland’s oldest inhabited castle, dating back to 1180. Set on 180 acres of breathtaking land, this 140-bedroom resort holds a storied past as the medieval stronghold of the Fitzgerald’s, Earls of Kildare.

Currently, Christy and Jay, along with their two sons, Jay Michael and Quinn, and their cherished trio of dogs and six horses, divide their time between Boston, Ireland and Cape Cod. She is working on her second novel, “Beulah,” and her third children’s book, “The Cat Named Peanut Shrimp Cookie Fry Muffin Who Lives on Staniel Cay.”

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In its 15th year, the Each Moment Matters Luncheon marks a significant milestone in providing dignified and compassionate end-of-life care. With over 3 million raised since its inception, the luncheon’s proceeds have facilitated Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH) in serving over 3,000 individuals across a 50-mile radius and 13 counties from the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center.

Every contribution to the Each Moment Matters Luncheon plays a crucial role in ensuring that Each Moment Matters for those facing end-of-life challenges. Luncheon proceeds support care for unfunded patients and enable special programming and clinical services known as the “Faith Difference.” Completely community-funded, the “Faith Difference” helps that end-of-life transition become less about loss and more about comfort, enrichment, love and celebration.

Watch the video below as FPH families share the impact of your gift.

FPH families share the impact of your gift.

Navigating life’s final passage is a profound experience for individuals and families. Whether in the home or at the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center, Faith Presbyterian Hospice helps that transition become less about loss and more about comfort, enrichment, love and celebration. The programs and services made possible through the Each Moment Matters Luncheon provide for the care of unfunded patients as well as the special programming and clinical services that we call the “Faith Difference.”

A unique feature of the Each Moment Matters Luncheon is recognizing individuals throughout our community who are making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. They exemplify what it means to make each moment matter, and inspire us to do the same. By allowing us to honor them, they make even more extraordinary moments possible in the lives of those served by Faith Presbyterian Hospice.


The Faith Caring Fund at Faith Presbyterian Hospice which provides the following:

Benevolent Care for Unfunded Hospice Patients:

Uninsured and ineligible for Medicare (under 65), these individuals have often depleted their personal funds in battling their illnesses and now want hospice care but are unable to pay.

Integrated Patient Comfort Therapies (Faith Difference):

Not covered by insurance or reimbursed by Medicare, these therapies include music and massage therapy.

Children and Family Bereavement Center:

Provides free grief support to any child in DFW who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Faithful Wishes:

Supports end-of-life wishes for patients. Granted 2023 Faithful Wishes include a 39th wedding anniversary celebration and a birthday party for a patient’s nine-year-old twin daughters.


Last year, the Each Moment Matters Luncheon raised over $500,000 for the patients and families served by Faith Presbyterian Hospice. This support translated into:

  • 3,657 days of charitable care for unfunded patients
  • More than 3,500 music and therapeutic massage sessions
  • 464 children receiving children’s grief support services

The Each Moment Matters Luncheon serves as a vital fundraising platform for the Faith Caring Fund at Faith Presbyterian Hospice. This fund is instrumental in providing compassionate care and fulfilling the diverse needs of patients and their families during challenging times.

2024 Honorees

A distinctive aspect of the Each Moment Matters Luncheon is the celebration of individuals within our community who are making an extraordinary impact on the lives of others. Aligned with Forefront Living’s values of Diversity, Integrity, Stewardship and Compassion, these individuals epitomize the essence of making each moment matter. By allowing us to honor them, they contribute to creating even more extraordinary moments for those served by Faith Presbyterian Hospice.

Pam Altizer and Pam Southern
Randy Bowman
Arnie Holtberg
Brad Hunstable

James Thomas
Courtney Underwood
Wendy Van Bemmel
Dr. Patrick M. Walsh

Arnold (Arnie) Holtberg

Arnold (Arnie) Holtberg’s commitment to fostering the growth of young individuals into strong, compassionate and contributing adults originates from a childhood lesson to “love his neighbor.” While this upbringing instilled a dedication to service, Holtberg has established his own legacy through his commitment to education.

Holtberg has held key roles in numerous U.S. private and public schools, including Social Studies Teacher, Dean of Students and Headmaster. He also served as principal of the Hong Kong International School, overseeing a diverse student body representing approximately 40 nations. From 1993 to 2014, he was the Head of School at St. Mark’s School of Texas, becoming the longest-tenured head in the school’s history. During his two-decade tenure, more than 1,600 young men graduated from St. Mark’s. Holtberg is credited with transforming the campus by significantly increasing enrollment and admission demand, enhancing academic and extracurricular programs and recruiting exceptional faculty, staff and administration.

Looking ahead, he said he aims to “inspire our youth to lead us to higher moral ground and create an environment where all people experience unconditional respect.” Since retiring in 2014, Holtberg has served as a board trustee for several not-for-profit organizations focused on improving education. He is currently serving as the Chair of the Advisory Council at The Compass School of Texas and he recently published his first novel, “Game On!: One Boy’s Odyssey,” which explores the challenges of a young boy navigating middle school and imparts valuable lessons to today’s youth. Even outside the classroom, Holtberg continues to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders to commit to finding their moral compass and to lead with integrity.

Holtberg is a graduate of Princeton University and holds a Master of Arts in Religion, specializing in Pastoral Care, Counseling and Theology, from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He is also a proud member of the 1970 College Baseball All-American Team as a pitcher for Princeton.

James “Dudie” Thomas

In 1979, the newly constructed elementary school in Plano, Texas, was proudly named James L. Thomas Elementary, marking a significant milestone as the first public school in Plano to bear the name of an African American. This honor was not prompted by the three percent African American population in Plano but was a collective decision by the entire community to celebrate Thomas’s impactful contributions.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps and continuing the Thomas legacy, James Thomas has devoted his life to serving those in Plano. Over the course of 48 years working with Plano ISD (PISD), Thomas’s roles and responsibilities have evolved, yet his impact has remained steadfast. When asked what inspired him to stay and serve at PISD for so long, he credits the children and families, saying, “I enjoy working with our children and families and having the opportunity to witness their growth.” Currently, Thomas serves in multiple roles within PISD, with his most cherished being the McKinney Vento liaison position. In this role, he identifies homeless families, offering them vital services and connecting them with agencies to support both students and their families in navigating the challenges they face.

In addition to his work at PISD, Thomas serves as a board member for several not-for-profit organizations which help him stay up-to-date with local available resources and assistance so that he can better connect Plano families. He is especially proud of a partnership he helped facilitate between Plano ISD, St. Andrew’s Methodist Church and the North Texas Food Bank, that has provided shelf-stable food to Plano elementary students and their families for the past 14 years. When asked about his passion for serving others, he is quick to admit, “I don’t have a passion to help others. I have a passion to do the right thing even when no one is watching and helping others is always the right thing.” The Thomas family has built a generational legacy through their commitment to do the right thing and service to the Plano community.

Courtney Underwood

Over the past two decades, the landscape for survivors of sexual violence in Dallas and North Texas has transformed dramatically. Prior to 2010, Parkland Hospital was the only facility out of 47 providing or performing rape kits in Dallas County; Dallas was also the largest city, much less county, in the country lacking a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program. SANE Programs increase conviction rates by more than 95% while also providing survivors with trauma informed care, specialized forensic evidence collection and specialized training in meeting the needs of victims in crisis. Today, because of the relentless efforts of Courtney Underwood, survivors have multiple options when seeking access to this critical medical exam including the W.W. Caruth Center for SAFE Healing at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas and Courtney’s SAFE Place in Plano. Whereas survivors were previously left waiting for more than 12-24 hours for a rape kit that was performed by residents lacking the necessary training, now they can choose where to go for an exam and they are promptly attended to by a qualified SANE and trained victim advocate; having SANEs perform these exams is the best predictor of successful prosecution in these cases, even more so than the presence of DNA or other physical evidence. The proliferation of SANE Programs across North Texas over the past 14 years can largely be credited to the dedication of Underwood.

A transformative moment in her life was her first press conference at Texas Health Dallas; standing among Dallas’ Chief of Police and District Attorney, she recalls how the room reverberated when the hospital president told predators in Dallas to watch out, declaring that they were coming for them. This moment marked a turning point, not only in serving survivors but also in providing a platform to discuss sexual violence in a way that had never been done before in Dallas. Looking ahead, Underwood dreams of establishing an Advocacy Center or Family Justice Center for the community. She envisions a facility housing several of Dallas’ most heroic non-profits under one roof, available to serve families, including adults and children. Such a facility has the potential to make an incredible impact on the community while supporting the criminal justice system

Underwood’s commitment to advocating for survivors of sexual violence has been central in the progress Dallas has achieved in providing better support and care for survivors. From her leadership roles to the establishment of essential services, Underwood’s work continues to inspire and drive change, making Dallas a safer and more supportive city for survivors of sexual violence.

Patrick M. Walsh, Ph. D.

Patrick Walsh has an impressive family as well as record of service and leadership. He is married to Andy Kaye Walsh, a 2017 EMM honoree who continues to serve the community. During his naval career, Dr. Walsh served as Vice Chief of Naval Operations and Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. With 77 combat missions, 4,700 flight hours, 19 years of command experience and extensive crisis management expertise, including humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, the former White House Fellow and Slot Pilot for the Blue Angels retired as a 4-star Admiral. But when asked about his achievements, he is more excited to talk about the students at Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep.

Dr. Walsh is President of Cristo Rey Dallas, a Catholic preparatory school serving low-income households where 92% of students will be first-generation college attendees. He credits Cristo Rey’s 100+ corporate partners for the success of its students; the school’s work program is a fee-for-service model allowing students to work in a hands-on professional setting with students’ earnings paying for 60% of their education costs. This unique opportunity gives them the added benefit of graduating with a resume in addition to a transcript.

Dr. Walsh’s dedication to education stems from the ripple effect education had on his own life. He recalls the impact of being able to attend Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, made affordable by incentives encouraging faculty members to enroll their family members in the school. He shared, “Because my father was a member of the faculty I attended Jesuit and was able to compete for an appointment to the United States Naval Academy (USNA). Because I graduated from USNA, I was able to attend flight school, have a career in naval aviation and receive three graduate degrees. All the doors opened by education, all the hopes that became dreams and all the dreams that became realizable, were paid for by people I had never met.”

Recognizing the transformative power of education, Dr. Walsh continues to advance Cristo Rey’s mission to help empower students from underserved backgrounds to achieve academic success and pursue their dreams. His commitment to serving others throughout his life, both at the national level in the armed forces and today in the Pleasant Grove community, exemplifies his dedication to making each moment matter for those in need.

The Forefront Living Foundation (FLF) is pleased to announce Jason Whitely will serve as emcee for the Each Moment Matters Luncheon again this year. He is a distinguished senior news reporter and the host of Inside Texas Politics on WFAA Channel 8. With a career spanning 38 years, Jason has been recognized with 24 Emmy Awards, two Edward R. Murrow Awards and numerous other honors for his excellence in journalism. Notably, he is a five-time Emmy winner for Best General Assignment Reporter.

During his tenure at WFAA, Jason has covered stories involving various Forefront Living entities. This exposure has deeply inspired him, highlighting the impactful work the organization does for its patients, residents and their families, as well as the broader community. Moved by this connection, Jason served as the emcee for the 2022 Luncheon, where he shared the profound effects of the care provided by the Faith Hospice team. We’re excited for him to return again this year as he hosts a conversation with our Keynote Speaker, Christy Cashman. Read more about Jason here. Learn more about Christy here.

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